20 August, 2010 Aveesh Kumar

Usually it is the kids (or adults) who are warped – naturally but this time – Karl figured out a feature on the Sony Ericsson 770i phone to warp face shots. Each warp function had a name – Pinch, Square, Happy fool….you get the (warped) picture…! [scrollGallery id=11]

3 July, 2010 Aveesh Kumar

It was on. We were in a flight to Leh while the other party was in a train to Delhi. Actually before that Veera & I had flown in from Mumbai to Delhi and the other party had come via Rajdhani (the train). We converged in Delhi and diverged again to meet at Manali – a third of the wya to Leh. We took a HPTDC bus from Delhi, left at about 6 pm from Chandralok building, Janpath, Delhi and reached Manali at 5 am. The other party had its own scenic journey – by train to Kalka and then…