29 August, 2013 Aveesh Kumar

A Picture is worth a 1000 words – here are 24,000….enjoy!   slideshow A Youtube video – special appearance by “All is well” actor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAjb2NpcN9c

27 August, 2013 Aveesh Kumar

Nico and Karl came over to Kenya in the summer of 2012, and we went to many places, let me tell you about a few. Diani, Mombasa – One funny experience I remember… We were all asleep, my parents were sleeping on the third floor so they didn’t hear this. Nico and Karl were in one room and me and Nita were in the room across from them we were all sleeping peacefully until… NICOLAI!!!!!!!!! Me and Nita ignored it the first time but when it happened repeatedly we started to take notice. Around the third time we walked over to their…

23 August, 2013 Aveesh Kumar

Today people can travel all around the world easily, and many people settle in other countries. That is why I put up this simple poll to find out where all my fans are from 🙂  

23 August, 2013 Die Trich

Hey there guys I have recently found out about a very good animation studio where you can make movies free of cost! The animation studio is called Muvizu and you can download it from http://muvizu.com/. On the right side of the screen you will see a button saying ‘Get Muvizu‘ – click it. After clicking it scroll down till you see another button with the same text, ‘Get Muvizu‘ click that too. You will need to sign up before downloading it, just give your email address and create a password, don’t give your email password! So far I have only…

23 August, 2013 Die Trich

I am currently on vacation in India and so far I am enjoying it:) The rains… The mosquitoes… The cool breezes… Family… I first went to Kerala with my parents and siblings to the famous Divine Retreat Centre – that lasted for around 5 days. Then we went to Munnar, which is uphill and stayed at Mountain Trail, high up in the mountains for 2 days. We then visited Thekkady and spent a day there and we went to Kumarakom and spent another day there. After that we went to Malad, and visited my loving grandparents and my aunt and…

22 August, 2013 Die Trich

Hello guys reading this first post! I have just created this blog and it is going to be regularly updated (hopefully!). As the byline goes ‘Connecting my world everyday, everytime’ so that should explain it all:) See you soon! ~Nicolai WixNinja The Internet The common community troll on the internet, willing to post some random articles to make you laugh, cry, scared and amused:) Contact me at HouseOfPros@gmail.com You can visit my Facebook page at Facebook.com/RandomStuff01 Contact Me Email houseofpros@gmail.com JSON   XML   PHP   VCF   QR

21 August, 2013 Aveesh Kumar

When Saloni was asked which apt she liked best, she said – “the one with the grapeyard….” grape-yard?

20 August, 2013 Aveesh Kumar

Happy Rakhi…. Rakhi 2004 We are in Amman, Jordan since the past 72 hours….and enjoying the huge step up in  quality of life from Suriname 🙂 It is very close to Israel, Syria and quite unlike what you’d expect -it is the most westernized of all Muslim countries. – it is a desert, one of 10 dryest countries (by rainfall),  the weather, at its hottest, is 30 degree C. The winter is 3 months and it snows. Half hour away is the dead sea – the lowest point below sea leavel ( I think 500 m below…