15 September, 2017 Aveesh Kumar

Wadi Mujib is the wadi (valley) adjacent to the dead sea. It is where fresh water springs come down cutting thru narrow rocks before the water is channeled for irrigation or pumped to Amman. It is about 70 km from Amman, (a little over an hour driving time) at the Mujib bridge/police checkpost – you can’t miss the signs! Count on getting drenched thoroughly. Plan on taking a guide (or count on fitter treekers at that time) for another 25 JD if you are not fit coz there are at least 2 places where you will need it. Water is…

15 April, 2017 Saloni Prakash

For my english class, we were asked to do a quick write on different motifs. We wrote about relationships, fear, truth, and eventually love. We had to complete in only ten minutes. The prompt had to start with these three words: This I believe… This video is a first draft on the relationship between parents and teenagers….

This video is a revision on the first topic…. This is a short video about an analogy between Pandora’s Jar and the truth…. This video is about how fear controls human beings…….

17 March, 2017 Aveesh Kumar

Trip with Graham Hill, Karen Hong and Izzi !! Google Cardboard VR Photos link (coming soon). slideshow below: [foogallery id=”2757″]  

4 October, 2016 Aveesh Kumar

Wadi Numeira – or what is known as Petra with Water [foogallery id=”2064″] It is on the dead sea highway – past the dead sea, just past the bromine factory on your right is a turnoff for Wadi Numeira. It is about a 2 KM walk one way and easily walkable with no more than ankle deep water – good fun with kids. Not recommended during the rainy season of Nov – March. It is also not recommended to go on the weekend of Eid Al Adha or you might see severed goat heads … Other than that, it should…

4 October, 2016 Aveesh Kumar

A great trip to the dead sea – probably the most pristine location with clear waters and on a bed of salt – it was like waves frozen in time. [foogallery id=”2011″] Google Map Link About 89 km milestone from Amman (on the side of the Dead Sea Highway)